Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Josie Earp's L.A. Death House Razed

Both western legends Wyatt and Josie Earp died in Los Angeles. Wyatt died in 1929 and Josie in 1944. However, despite the error on Wikipedia, they did not die in the same location.

On January 13, 1929, Wyatt died in the rear guest house at 4004 W. 17th St. The structure has long since been razed and the property is now a lawn and driveway at the Mount Vernon Junior High/Johnny Cochran Middle School.

On December 19, 1944, Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp died in her home at 1812 W. 48th St. As you can see by these photos, the building has been razed. However, I believe, if memory serves from a prior viewing, her house looked similar to the single story bungalows next door (on the left in the street level photos; on the right in the photos from above).

They are buried together in the Hills of Eternity Cemetery in Colma, California.


  1. L.A. is all about tearing down the old. The City doesn't care about historic landmarks. It only cares about packing more people into an already over-congested area.

  2. Breaks my heart! Josie & I share the same birthday (also Libbie Custer). Very proud company. Great blog!!!