Monday, August 6, 2012

Letter Left at Marilyn Monroe's Crypt 8/5/12

"Dear Marilyn,

It's been 50 years. It's almost impossible to believe.

Dear Marilyn, how sweet you are.

People have come from different parts of the world to be with you this week and this day. You are loved Marilyn.

This night will be hard to sleep, but that is only because I will be thinking of you.

We will be gathering all together these past few days, celebrating your life and legacy. It's brought so many people together.

Oh Marilyn, I know you are here with us today. Writing this is making me feel very emotional, only because I can't (impossible to read...).. you have touched my life in every single way.

There's not a moment I can ever do without having your picture with me. You are so wonderful and I would love to tell you thank you for everything you had done, because you helped me through all my (butterfly in the way)... and have always been there for me, even when no one wasn't.

I love you always Marilyn."

--  Transcription by Christopher Chad Huevo LaGrone

Letter Left at Marilyn Monroe's Crypt 8/5/12

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