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"Peter Duel's Final Resting Place"

"Peter Duel's Final Resting Place"

Heyesfan Visits Peter Duel's Grave 2004/2008

"A fan of Pete Duel's visits his grave in Penfield, NY, September 28, 2004. I (heyesfan on YouTube) didn't realize my then-husband was recording at the time, but I present this here for other fans who want to visit Pete's grave and can't or want to visit and need to see it to better find it. I chose the song 'Remember When' by Alan Jackson because one night, when I first heard the song, I reflected back over my life and right up to Pete Duel. I was then compelled to go to Penfield."

"My (heyesfan on YouTube) 2008 visit to Pete's grave in Penfield, New York. I took the film, Sharon made the video in the film. For more memorial videos, visit Pete Duel Memorial Site:"

The Pete Duel Memorial Site honors the life and talent of actor Pete Duel, mostly known for his portrayal as Hannibal Heyes in the 1970s TV Western, "Alias Smith and Jones." Duel was also in "Gidget" with Sally Field and "Love on a Rooftop" with Judy Carne — among his many other credits. For more information, please visit

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Marie Osmond as Josie Earp - I Married Wyatt Earp (1983)

I Married Wyatt Earp (1983)

Based on the memoirs of Josephine Marcus Earp, a young opera singer from San Francisco, this docudrama tells the story of how she became the wife of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp.

"I Married Wyatt Earp" - A New Musical (2011)

I Married Wyatt Earp
A New Musical

Book by Thomas Edward West and Sheilah Rae
Music by Michele Brourman
Lyrics by Sheilah Rae
Suggested in part by the book "I Married Wyatt Earp"
by Glenn G. Boyer (c) 1976, Historical Research Associates
Directed by Cara Reichel
Choreography by Joe Barros
Musical Director Remy Kurs
Set Designer Ann Bartek
Costume Designer Ryan J. Moller
Lighting Designer Jorge Arroyo
Sound Designer Andy Leviss
Stage Manager Naomi Anhorn*
Production Manager Jason C. Najjoum
May 20, 2011—June 12, 2011
59E59 Theaters (59 East 59th St, NYC)

TICKETS are available online or call 212.279.4200 It's time to set the record straight. Young Josie Marcus is nothing like the girls back home. Passionate and fearless, she leaves behind her upper-class Jewish family for the adventure of Tombstone, Arizona—home of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp, and site of the infamous Shootout at the O.K. Corral. Decades later, Josie must finally come to terms with the 30-second gunfight that led her to a lifetime of regret. Weaving together 1944 Hollywood and the mythic Wild West, I Married Wyatt Earp sheds new light on one of history's most fictionalized moments.

Eleven gutsy women give voice to the untold story of the American frontier in this compelling new musical. Featuring: Anastasia Barzee*, Mishaela Faucher*, Laura Hankin, Carol Linnea Johnson*, Heather Mac Rae*, Cara Massey*, Carolyn Mignini*, Ariela Morgenstern*, Karla Mosley*, Stephanie Palumbo, and Tina Stafford*

*Member, Actors' Equity Association, Equity Approved Showcase

I Married Wyatt Earp is a part of 59E59 Theater's "Americas Off Broadway" series, and is co-produced by Prospect Theater Company and New York Theatre Barn.

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Gilbert Cates Rests at Hillside Memorial Park

Gilbert Cates
Hillside Memorial Park
Garden of Rachel
Block 19 Plot 74 Space 7

Gilbert “Gil” Cates (June 6, 1934 – October 31, 2011), born Gilbert Katz, was an Award winning American film director and television producer, director of the Geffen Playhouse, and founding dean of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. He was probably best known for the annual Academy Award shows he produced 14 times between 1990 and 2008.

Cates was born Gilbert Katz in New York City, the son of Jewish parents Nina (née Peltzman) and Nathan Katz, who was a dress manufacturer. He attended DeWitt Clinton High School, and majored at Syracuse University. According to the Jewish Journal, Cates stumbled into his profession by accident: As a pre-med student at Syracuse University, he was in the fencing team and was asked to instruct student actors in a production of Richard III on how to handle swords. He was so taken by the experience that he changed his major to theater.

Cates was a member of the Reform Jewish Wilshire Boulevard Temple. The Jewish Journal quotes him as saying that he only attended services on the High Holy Days, but felt “very proud to be Jewish.”

Cates was first married to Jane Betty Dubin and then to gynecologist Judith Reichman. He had four children from his first and two stepchildren from his second marriage, and five grandchildren. He was the younger brother of Joseph Cates, also a director and producer, and the uncle of actress Phoebe Cates. Cates died in Los Angeles on October 31, 2011 at age 77.

Cates was a producing director and president of the board at the Geffen Playhouse. He directed a number of feature films including I Never Sang for My Father (1970), and Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams (1973), both nominated for Oscars, Oh, God! Book II (1980) and The Last Married Couple in America (1980). He also produced and directed Broadway and off-Broadway plays, including I Never Sang for My Father and You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running.

Cates is credited with re-energizing the Academy Awards shows he produced 14 times between 1990 and 2008, recruiting Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, David Letterman, Steve Martin, Chris Rock and Jon Stewart as hosts. He served on the Academy's Board of Governors from 1984 to 1993, winning an Emmy in 1991 for the 63rd annual Oscars. He returned to the board for another term beginning in 2002, and held the post of vice president from 2003 to 2005. From 1983 to 1987 he served as president of the Directors Guild of America. On April 8, 1991 he became dean of UCLA's newly combined School of Theater, Film and Television, a post he held until 1998, and was on the faculty of the school as a professor. In 2005 Cates received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Janet Margolin & Michael Cole - THE LAST CHILD (1971)

Janet Margolin and Michael Cole - THE LAST CHILD (1971)

"In the badly-overpopulated future of 1994, each couple is only allowed one child and people over 65 are forbidden medical care under a very draconian set of laws. A young married couple (played by Michael Cole and Janet Margolin), pregnant with their second child (the first died shortly after birth) enlist the help of an elderly former US Senator (Van Heflin in his final screen performance) to help them escape to Canada as they are persued by a Population Control agent (Edward Asner). This Aaron Spelling produced ABC Movie of the Week originally aired on October 5th, 1971."

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WHITE HOT: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd (1991)

"White Hot: The Mysterious Murder of Thelma Todd is basically faithful to the Andy Edmonds biography on which it is based, but ads fictional details such as private eye investigating the case and an imprisoned gangster who tells him some of the details of the case. Roland West is portrayed as quite a bit youg than he really was, and Pat di Cicco is portrayed as quite a bit older than he really was. Somehow, Zasu Pitts is left out of the story altogether, Patsy Kelly is here portrayed as being Thelma's screen partner all along ( actually Thelma Todd was first teamed with Zasu Pitts ) but Loni Anderson did a good job of portraying Thelma Todd and altogether it made and entertaining mystery movie for television."

Thelma Todd & Groucho Marx - Monkey Business (1931)

Thelma Todd and Groucho Marx - Monkey Business (1931)

Thelma Todd & Buster Keaton Get Drunk in SPEAK EASILY (1932)

Professor Timoleon Post (Buster Keaton) and Eleanor Espere (Thelma Todd) get drunk at Eleanor's flat in SPEAK EASILY (1932).

Early Lee Van Cleef TV Clip - Boston Blackie (1951)

"Very early Lee Van Cleef clip from 1951 Boston Blackie TV series. Van Cleef has a moustache. Unfortunately, not much here, but this is probably the earliest Van Cleef TV appearance,and even if not, the oldest video clip available."

Lee Van Cleef in Midas Muffler Commercial

Lee Van Cleef in Midas Muffler Commercial

"In one of his many Canadian-produced commercials for Midas Muffler, Lee Van Cleef spoofs his gunfighter image as a 'top gun' whose service is always challenged by others-- in this case, George Kennedy."

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Charles Laughton on "What's My Line?" (1956)

Charles Laughton appears
as a mystery guest
on the long-running
CBS television program
"What's My Line?" 
on November 25th, 1956.

Elsa Lanchester on Charles Laughton to Dick Cavett (1972)

Elsa Lanchester talks
about Charles Laughton
with Dick Cavett

Chill Wills with Dinah Shore, Ann Mille, Kathryn Grayson (1943)

Cast: Dinah Shore, Chill Wills, Ann Miller, Kathryn Grayson, and Charioteers
Recorded: 1/30/1943

Chill Wills - "Mama" (1967)

Chill Will's 1967 appearance on the Porter Wagner Show

Walt Disney Cartoon - "Hitler's Children" - "Education For Death"

Walt Disney Cartoon
"Hitler's Children"
"Education For Death"
Anti-Nazi Propaganda Film

The Walt DIsney Story (1973)

The Walt Disney Story (1973)

Walt Disney on "What's My Line?" (1956)

Walt Disney was the mystery guest
on the November 11, 1956 episode of WML.
At the end of this clip,
Jerry Lewis makes a pitch for MDA.

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Baldwin Hills Dam - FLOOD DISASTER - KTLA

"Remarkable pictures made from a KTLA helicopter as the Baldwin Hills dam in Los Angeles gives way and sends 300,000,000 gallons of water roaring down the valley. Thousands of homes are ruined beyond repair or severely damaged. Authorities had several hours to warn the residents and only three lives were lost. What caused the break? There are several theories, but it will be up to the courts to decide who pays the damage - if anyone."

Baldwin Hills Dam Disaster and Flood - History Channel Documentary

On December 14, 1963 in the hills about Los Angeles,
the Baldwin Hills Reservoir suddenly cracked
and eventually failed,
flooding the neighborhood below.

William Bendix and James Cagney THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE (1948)

William Bendix and James Cagney

The Time of Your Life is a 1948 film starring James Cagney adapted from the 1939 William Saroyan play of the same title. The movie was adapted by Nathaniel Curtis, directed by H. C. Potter, and featured William Bendix as Nick, Wayne Morris as Tom, Broderick Crawford as Krupp, and Ward Bond as McCarthy. A Cagney Production, The Time of Your Life was produced by Cagney's brother William and co-starred their sister Jeanne as Kitty Duval.

Mostly filmed on one set, the film takes place in Nick's (William Bendix) Bar in San Francisco where a sign outside tells people to come in as they are. The film follows the adventures of a group of regulars at Nick's including Joe (James Cagney), a wealthy man who has given up working in order to hold court at the bar and have fun. Joe has a stooge named Tom (Wayne Morris) who runs his eccentric errands until a woman with a past named Kitty comes in and Tom falls in love with her.

The drama flopped miserably at the box office but is remembered as one of the best screen versions of the play. Jackie Gleason played Cagney's role in a critically acclaimed television version for Playhouse 90 ten years later (which also featured James Barton as Kit Carson); the Playhouse 90 production featured Jack Klugman as Nick the bartender, Dick York as Tom, and Betsy Palmer as Kitty Duval.

The Production Code of Administration made the producers change Blick's character from a police detective into an informer and a blackmailer. Originally the film used Saroyan's original ending where Kit shot and killed Blick but preview audiences acted negatively that led the producers to film an alternate ending.

William Bendix in "The Blue Dahlia" (1946)

William Bendix in "The Blue Dahlia" (1946)
Starring Alan Ladd
Matt McHugh is the Bartender at Gus's
Anthony Caruso is the Marine Corporal Playing Jukebox

William Bendix on "What's My Line?"

William Bendix was the mystery guest
on the September 16, 1956 edition of WML.

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Lupe Vélez & Douglas Fairbanks - "The Gaucho" (1927)

Lupe Vélez and Douglas Fairbanks - "The Gaucho" (1927)

Lupe Velez SINGS "Oh, Me! Oh, My!" (1934)

Lupe Vélez sings "Oh, Me! Oh, My!"
from the film "Strictly Dynamite" (1934).
Her accompanist is
the composer of the song,
Burton Lane.
Lyrics are by Harold Adamson.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Interview with Bettie Page, Pinup Legend 1996

"Entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz chatted face-to-face with the REAL Bettie Page in this exclusive "one on one" 1996 TV Interview. In this rare recorded interview -The REAL Bettie Page herself candidly recounts in-depth and with humor, multiple anecdotes about her life and modeling career.

This story has not been seen publicly since it's initial and only 1996 broadcast. Estiloz had the exclusive opportunity to meet with the reclusive Bettie Page... during a unique and brief situation where she was assisting to promote her authorized biography "Bettie Page: The Life of a Pin Up Legend" at the time of publication. In her 70's at the time - Bettie was lively and in good health... and Estiloz says "a joy" to talk to - and an unforgettable moment for him.

Bettie's current business rep... who meets and talks with Bettie Page regularly - confirms this 1996 TV interview is most likely the FIRST and ONLY lengthy "in depth" TV interview she ever gave. This story is an extremely rare tribute to the beautiful, iconic Bettie Page - and a gift to fans who only know her through her photos. Now - fans can hear Bettie Page speak in her own words... bringing her soothing and vibrant Southern accented voice and personality to life.

This story was written and produced by entertainment reporter, Tim Estiloz ... and Tim considers himslef very blessed to have gained Bettie's trust for this rare opportunity. God Bless you Bettie.

ALL photographs and images in this story came from the aforementioned Bettie Page biography - and their usage in this story was legally authorized by... and with the full cooperation and permission of the publisher."

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Barbara (Roy) Orbison's Fresh Unmarked Grave at Westwood Village Cemetery

Roy Orbison's grave at Westwood Village Cemetery has been unmarked since his death in 1988. These photos and video, taken on 12/9/11, show his recently deceased wife Barbara's fresh unmarked grave.

Barbara Orbison (January 10, 1950 -- December 6, 2011) was a German-born United States-based entrepreneur, music producer/publisher, and the widow of American musician Roy Orbison. Barbara Orbison was hospitalized from May 2011 until her death on December 6, 2011, aged 61, from pancreatic cancer, 23 years to the day after her husband's death. She was buried next to her husband at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Barbara Orbison's Fresh Unmarked Grave

The question seems to be:

Will there be a tombstone?

Time will tell.

Roy Kelton Orbison (April 23, 1936 -- December 6, 1988) was an American singer-songwriter, best known for his distinctive, powerful voice, complex compositions, and dark emotional ballads. On December 6, 1988, he spent the day flying model airplanes with his sons. After having dinner at his mother's home in Tennessee, Orbison died of a heart attack at 52.

Barbara and Roy Orbison RIP

Robert Aldrich's "Kiss Me Deadly" (1955) Trailer

Robert Aldrich's "Kiss Me Deadly" (1955) Trailer

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Musician Roy Orbison's Wife Barbara Dies at 61 in L.A.

Maybe Roy Orbison will get a tombstone at Westwood Village Cemetery now?

Roy Orbison's umarked grave

Barbara Orbinson RIP

Barbara Orbison (January 10, 1950 – December 6, 2011) was a German-born United States-based entrepreneur, music producer/publisher, and the widow of American musician Roy Orbison.

Barbara Anne Marie Wellhöner Jakobs was born in Bielefeld, Germany. On July 21, 1968, the 17-year-old Barbara met the 32-year-old Orbison when he asked friends to introduce him to her at a nightclub in Leeds, England, during Orbison's tour of Great Britain. They married on March 24, 1969, in Hendersonville, Tennessee. They divided their time between Nashville and Malibu, California, raising their two sons, Roy Kelton Orbison, Jr. (born 1970) and Alexander Lee Orbison (born 1975).

During the 1980s, she managed her husband's career and was the executive producer of his 1987 album, In Dreams: The Greatest Hits plus his highly acclaimed January 1988 televised music special, Roy Orbison and Friends, A Black and White Night. Following her husband's death in December 1988, she took charge of his business affairs and dedicated herself to promoting his music to ensuing generations. She worked with friend and fellow artist Jeff Lynne to put together the posthumous release of the King of Hearts album in 1992 (an album which was re-issued in 2007 by Sony BMG after they took charge of Virgin's catalog in 2005) as well as other record projects. She co-produced Only the Lonely: The Roy Orbison Story, a European stage musical.

In late 1993, the family home in Malibu was destroyed by brush fires. Although she maintained a residence on the West Coast, she returned to Nashville where she purchased a home as well as a commercial property to house her music publishing business. Her company, "Still Working Music," employs songwriters such as Tommy Lee James and Billy Burnette.

Orbison was also involved with charitable causes in aid of the homeless. For Showtime, in 1991, she produced a Roy Orbison tribute at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles that raised in excess of $1 million for the city's homeless. She personally funded "Orbison House," a 21-unit residence for the mentally impaired homeless of Los Angeles.

She produced Damien Leith's album, Roy: A Tribute To Roy Orbison, which was released by Sony BMG in Australia on April 15, 2011 to coincide with what would have been Roy Orbison's 75th birthday.

Barbara Orbison was hospitalized from May 2011 until her death on December 6, 2011, aged 60, from pancreatic cancer, 23 years to the day after her husband's death. She was survived by her sons.

Roy Kelton Orbison (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988) was an American singer-songwriter, best known for his distinctive, powerful voice, complex compositions, and dark emotional ballads. Orbison grew up in Texas and began singing in a rockabilly/country & western band in high school until he was signed by Sun Records in Memphis. His greatest success came with Monument Records between 1960 and 1964, when 22 of his songs placed on the Billboard Top Forty, including "Only the Lonely," "Crying," and "Oh, Pretty Woman." His career stagnated through the 1970s, but several covers of his songs and the use of "In Dreams" in a film by David Lynch revived his career in the 1980s. In 1988, he joined the supergroup Traveling Wilburys with George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne and also released a new solo album. He died of a heart attack in December that year, at the zenith of his resurgence. His life was marred by tragedy, including the death of his first wife and his two eldest sons in separate accidents.

Orbison was a natural baritone, but music scholars have suggested that he had a three- or four-octave range. The combination of Orbison's powerful, impassioned voice and complex musical arrangements led many critics to refer to his music as operatic, giving him the sobriquet "the Caruso of Rock." Elvis Presley and Bono have stated his voice was, respectively, the greatest and most distinctive they had ever heard. While most men in rock and roll in the 1950s and 1960s portrayed a defiant masculinity, many of Orbison's songs instead conveyed a quiet, desperate vulnerability. He was known for performing while standing still and solitary, wearing black clothes and dark sunglasses which lent an air of mystery to his persona.

Orbison was initiated into the second class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 by longtime admirer Bruce Springsteen. The same year he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Songwriters Hall of Fame two years later. Rolling Stone placed Orbison at number 37 on their list of The Greatest Artists of All Time, and number 13 on their list of The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. In 2002, Billboard magazine listed Orbison at number 74 in the Top 600 recording artists.

John Farr ON Director Robert Aldrich

John Farr selects three great pictures from the work of director Robert Aldrich.