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Child Actor William Severn 1983 Valley Oaks Cemetery

William Severn (Los Angeles, January 17, 1938 – Ventura County, March 26, 1983) was an American child screen actor.

He was born William Churchill Roosevelt Severn, the son of Dr. Clifford Brill Severn (1890-1981) and his South African wife Rachel Malherbe (1897-1984).[1] His parents had emigrated from South Africa to Los Angeles before he was born. He had seven siblings who were all child actors: Venetia Severn, Clifford Severn, Yvonne Severn, Raymond Severn, Ernest Severn, Christopher Severn and Winston Severn.

As an adult, he was a world-known evangelist, based in Ventura, California. 

His ministry took him and his family abroad, including Indonesia during the 1965 revolution, Israel, and the UK. He broadcast in the USA by the Trinity Broadcasting Network. 

William Severn died in 1983 from a sudden heart attack at the age of only 45. He was laid to rest in Pierce Brothers-Valley Oaks Memorial Park, in Westlake Village, California, beside his mother.

William Severn was known in his early films as 'Little Billy Severn.' He made his first film appearance as Billy in Eagle Squadron, but his biggest role was as Peter Humphreys in Journey for Margaret.

Selected filmography

Eagle Squadron (1942) - Billy

Journey for Margaret (1942) - Peter Humphreys

The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944)

Son of Lassie (1945) - Henrik

The Enchanted Forest (1945) - Jackie

The Bride Goes Wild (1948)

David and Bathsheba (1951)


1. Memorial to Rachel Malherbe

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