Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chabad Synagogue Bombing - 17th St., Santa Monica

Initial investigative conclusions have been revised, determining that an explosion at the Chabad House in Santa Monica on Thursday, April 7th, was, in fact, an intentional act caused by a pipe bomb. Officials are now searching for suspect Ron Hirsch (aka Israel Fisher), a transient known by police to frequent Jewish centers in the area, reports the Los Angeles Times.

"The blast sent a 300-pound metal pipe encased in concrete hurtling through the air and crashing through the roof of a home next door to Chabad House. Originally authorities had said they believed the explosion was a freak industrial accident. But on Friday, bomb technicians and detectives scouring the scene discovered evidence that the blast was caused by an explosive device, police said. Items found nearby were linked to Hirsch..."

Suspect Ron Hirsch (aka Israel Fisher),0,7321645.story,0,7403147.story?track=rss

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