Saturday, December 31, 2011

Heyesfan Visits Peter Duel's Grave 2004/2008

"A fan of Pete Duel's visits his grave in Penfield, NY, September 28, 2004. I (heyesfan on YouTube) didn't realize my then-husband was recording at the time, but I present this here for other fans who want to visit Pete's grave and can't or want to visit and need to see it to better find it. I chose the song 'Remember When' by Alan Jackson because one night, when I first heard the song, I reflected back over my life and right up to Pete Duel. I was then compelled to go to Penfield."

"My (heyesfan on YouTube) 2008 visit to Pete's grave in Penfield, New York. I took the film, Sharon made the video in the film. For more memorial videos, visit Pete Duel Memorial Site:"

The Pete Duel Memorial Site honors the life and talent of actor Pete Duel, mostly known for his portrayal as Hannibal Heyes in the 1970s TV Western, "Alias Smith and Jones." Duel was also in "Gidget" with Sally Field and "Love on a Rooftop" with Judy Carne — among his many other credits. For more information, please visit

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