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"My Wild Irish Rose" Actor Pat O'Malley 1966 San Fernando Mission Cemetery

Patrick Henry O'Malley Jr. (September 3, 1890 – May 21, 1966) was an American vaudeville and stage performer prior to starting a prolific film career at the age of 16.


Of Irish descent, O'Malley was born in Forest City, Pennsylvania, and initially worked as a railroad switch operator. He also had experience in the circus business by the time he discovered an interest in motion pictures. His screen career dates from the days of Kalem and Edison. From 1915 to 1927, he appeared in scores of silents as both a leading man and a character actor, in such classics as: The Heart of Humanity, My Wild Irish Rose, The Virginian, and in the adaptation of bestseller, Brothers Under the Skin.

O'Malley aged rather suddenly, and with the advent of sound, his career declined quite rapidly. He was then relegated to supporting parts, and appeared in some 400 films in bit parts and supporting roles. He guest starred on the early musical series Faye Emerson's Wonderful Town on CBS. In the early 1960s, O'Malley appeared in such TV shows as The Twilight Zone and such films as Days of Wine and Roses.


O'Malley died of a heart attack in 1966 at age 75. He is buried at San Fernando Mission Cemetery.


In 1915 O'Malley married actress Lillian Wilkes (died December 15, 1976); the couple had three children: Sheila, Eileen and Kathleen.

Partial filmography

All For Old Ireland (1915) as Myles Murphy
Bold Emmett, Ireland's Martyr (1915) as major Kirk
The Boston Tea Party (1915)
Nan O' the Backwoods (1915) as Lige Peters
The Taint (1915) as Ben Stewart
The Picture of Dorian Gray (1916)
The Love That Lives (1916)
Her Boy (1918)
Hit-The-Trail Holliday (1918)
The Prussian Cur (1918)
The Heart of Humanity (1918)
The Red Glove (1919)
The Prospector's Vengeance (1920)
The Breath of the Gods (1920)
Dinty (1920)
A Game Chicken (1922)
Brass (1923)
Slippy McGee (1923)
The Virginian (1923)

Fools Highway (1924)

Happiness (1924)
The Beauty Prize (1924)

The Mine with the Iron Door (1924)

Proud Flesh (1925)

The White Desert (1925)

The Teaser (1925)

Spangles (1926)
Pleasure Before Business (1927)

Alibi (1929)

The Man I Love (1929)
The Fall Guy (1930)
The Fighting Marshal (1931)

Anybody's Blonde (1931)

The Shadow of the Eagle (1932)

The Reckoning (1932)
High Speed (1932)
Those We Love (1932)
The Fighting Gentleman (1932)
Frisco Jenny (1932)
Sundown Rider (1932)
A Man of Sentiment (1933)

The Whirlwind (1933)

The Fighting Marines (1935)
Wanted! Jane Turner (1936)
The Roaring Twenties (1939) as the Jailer

Law of the Range (1941)

The Wild One (1953) as Sawyer

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