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"The Masquerader" Actress & "By Candlelight" Screenwriter Ruth Sinclair Cummings 1984 Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Ruth Cummings (originally credited under her maiden name, Ruth Sinclair) was an American screenwriter and actress active from the 1910s through the 1930s. She was married to actor-director Irving Cummings in 1917, and they had a son, screenwriter Irving Cummings Jr.[1][2]


Ruth was born in Washington, D.C., to actor Henry Dupree Sinclair and his wife, Lillie Schreiner. She followed in her father's footsteps and took to the stage, performing in plays around the D.C. area and eventually winning parts on Broadway.[3]

She eventually began appearing in silent films in the 1910s, rising to leading lady status by the 1920s when she won the lead role in 1922's The Masquerader. After marrying Irving Cummings (who she had worked with on films like 1917's A Man's Law), she became Ruth Cummings and began writing titles at MGM.[4]

She worked at MGM for many years, writing titles, adding dialogue, adapting novels, and screenwriting. She once told a reporter that she got most of her ideas while drinking chocolate sodas.[5][6][7] 

She appears to have retired after 1935's The Perfect Tribute.

She remained married to Cummings until his death in 1959, and she died on December 6, 1984, in the city of Los Angeles, California, in the neighborhood of Woodland Hills.[8]

Ruth Sinclair Cummings is buried alongside her husband, Irving, at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. 

Selected filmography

As writer:

The Perfect Tribute (1935) Screenwriter

By Candlelight (1933) Screenwriter

Never the Twain Shall Meet (1931) Additional Dialogue

Daybreak (1931) Adaptation

Redemption (1930) Titles

Our Modern Maidens (1929) Titles

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1929) Screenwriter

Desert Nights (1929) Titles

Wild Orchids (1929) Titles

A Woman of Affairs (1928) Titles

Dream of Love (1928) Titles

The Masks of the Devil (1928) Titles

Beyond the Sierras (1928)  Titles

Our Dancing Daughters (1928) Titles

The Mysterious Lady (1928) Titles [9]

The Adventurer (1928) Titles

A Certain Young Man (1928) Titles

Wyoming (1928) Titles

Love (1927) Titles

In Old Kentucky (1927) Titles

Quality Street (1927) Titles

The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927) Titles

Foreign Devils (1927) Titles

Annie Laurie (1927) Titles

California (1927) Titles

Lovers (1927) Titles

Altars of Desire (1927) Titles

La Bohème (1926) Titles

The Tower of Lies (1925) Titles

As actress:

A Dangerous Pastime (1922)

The Masquerader (1922)

Without Benefit of Clergy (1921)

The Heart Line (1921)

Some Bride (1919)

A Man's Law (1919)

The Girl with the Green Eyes (1916)[10]

Zaza (1915)[11]


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