Saturday, April 19, 2014

Judge Sentences Manson Family to Death 1971

On January 25, 1971, guilty verdicts were returned against the four defendants in the Charles Manson murder trial on each of the 27 separate counts against them. Not far into the trial's penalty phase, the jurors saw, at last, the defense that Manson—in the prosecution's view—had planned to present. Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten testified the murders had been conceived as "copycat" versions of the Hinman murder, for which Atkins now took credit. The killings, they said, were intended to draw suspicion away from Bobby Beausoleil, by resembling the crime for which he had been jailed. This plan had supposedly been the work of, and carried out under the guidance of, not Manson, but someone allegedly in love with Beausoleil—Linda Kasabian. Among the narrative's weak points was the inability of Atkins to explain why, as she was maintaining, she had written "political piggy" at the Hinman house in the first place.

Midway through the penalty phase, Manson shaved his head and trimmed his beard to a fork; he told the press, "I am the Devil, and the Devil always has a bald head." In what the prosecution regarded as belated recognition on their part that imitation of Manson only proved his domination, the female defendants refrained from shaving their heads until the jurors retired to weigh the state's request for the death penalty.

The effort to exonerate Manson via the "copycat" scenario failed. On March 29, 1971, the jury returned verdicts of death against all four defendants on all counts. On April 19, 1971, Judge Older sentenced the four to death.

On the day the verdicts recommending the death penalty were returned, news came that the badly decomposed body of Ronald Hughes had been found wedged between two boulders in Ventura County. It was rumored, although never proven, that Hughes was murdered by the Family, possibly because he had stood up to Manson and refused to allow Van Houten to take the stand and absolve Manson of the crimes. Though he might have perished in flooding, Family member Sandra Good stated that Hughes was "the first of the retaliation murders."


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  2. The night after the Tate Murders my 16 yr. old boyfriend Jack wanted to take a ride, I didn't ask where nor did I pay attention to the area until we got to his grandmother's job as a maid which was just around the corner from the Cielo Dr. home, I totally freaked out when he jumped out and left me sitting in the car for 27 million hours (okay, maybe 3 minutes) while he checked on Grandma... I'm guessing it was sometime around the time Leslie Van Houten, Steve "Clem" Grogan, and the four from the previous night were on their way to the LaBianca's which just down the street from my soon to be step-grandmother’s home. I was so f’ing mad at Jack... We were in his friend Marty's car so he didn't actually leave me alone, Marty was there and I could see Jack thru the kitchen window talking to his grandmother, but still…

    My step-grandmother lived on the same street as the La Bianca's but down a few blocks is very close to where my Dad grew up on Lakeview Terrace in Silverlake; basically the same neighborhood, just on the other side of the main street.

    During the trial I was sitting in the window seat on the Broadway bus heading downtown with my 2 year old son when I saw the followers in front of the court house chanting. It was very scary as the traffic was backed up so the bus stood perfectly still, the followers were no more than about 10 ft. away.

    Thank you Los Angeles Morgue Files for ALWAYS publishing such interesting articles!