Sunday, April 28, 2019

DROWNING Victims Phyllis Jane & Roxanne Schellhous 1972 Woodlawn Cemetery

Mother Phyllis Jane Schellhous (September 24, 1922 - April 28, 1972) and her daughter Roxanne Schellhous (September 10, 1956 - April 28, 1972) were drowned in the surf near Agana, Guam on April 28, 1972. They are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica, California.

Hagåtña (formerly in English: Agana) is the capital village of the United States territory of Guam. From the 18th through mid-20th century, it was Guam's population center, but today it is the second smallest of the island's 19 villages in both area and population. However, it remains one of the island's major commercial districts in addition to being the seat of government.

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