Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Radio Announcer Dick Crawford 1990 Westwood Village Cemetery

KFAC was a commercial classical music radio station in Los Angeles, broadcasting for most of its life on 1330 kHz AM, and subsequently in both simulcast and separate programming on 92.3 MHz FM as well. "Only 41 of nearly 9,000 commercial radio stations in the United States play classical music" and KFAC was considered one of the best. On September 20, 1989 at 2 p.m., new owners changed both its name and its format, depriving Southern California of a major cultural institution. During its heyday, the station was arguably the most important cultural organization in the Los Angeles area, having greater influence on lovers of classical music than even the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Announcers such as Howard Rhines, Dick Crawford, Thomas Cassidy, Carl Princi, Fred Crane, Steve Allen, Alfred Leonard, Tom Dixon, Bill Carlson, Dick Joy, Tom Franklin, Ed Stoddard, Bernie Alan, Rodger Layng, John Santana, Steve Markham and Doug Ordunio were featured on the station.

Dick Crawford (May 15, 1915 - October 21, 1990) is buried at Westwood Village Cemetery.

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