Monday, August 3, 2015

Actress & Director Ida Lupino 1995 Forest Lawn Glendale Cemetery

Ida Lupino (February 4, 1918 – August 3, 1995) was an English-American film actress and director, and a pioneer among women filmmakers. In her forty-eight-year career, she appeared in fifty-nine films and directed seven others, mostly in the United States, where she became a citizen in 1948. She co-wrote and co-produced some of her own films as well. She appeared in serial television programs fifty-eight times and directed fifty other episodes. Additionally, she contributed as a writer to five films and four TV episodes.

Personal life

In June 1948, Lupino became an American citizen. Lupino was a staunch Democrat who supported the presidency of John F. Kennedy.


Lupino was married and divorced three times. She married actor Louis Hayward in November 1938. They separated in May 1944 and divorced in May 1945. Her second marriage was to producer Collier Young on August 5, 1948. They divorced in 1951. Lupino's third and final marriage was to actor Howard Duff, whom she married on October 21, 1951. The couple had a daughter, Bridget on April 23, 1952. Lupino and Duff divorced in 1983.

In 1984, Lupino petitioned a California court to appoint her business manager, Mary Ann Anderson, as her conservator due to poor business dealings from her prior business management company and her long separation from Howard Duff.


Lupino died from a stroke while undergoing treatment for colon cancer in Los Angeles on August 3, 1995, at the age of 77. Lupino's memoirs, Ida Lupino: Beyond the Camera, were edited after her death and published by Mary Ann Anderson.

Ida Lupino is buried in an umarked grave at Forest Lawn Glendale Cemetery. She is between her mother Constance on her left and actor Errol Flynn on her right. 

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