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Cinematographer Henry Cronjager 1967 Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Henry Cronjager (February 15, 1877 – August 1, 1967) was a pioneering cinematographer during the early days of silent film, right up through the beginning of the sound film era. Born in Germany on February 15, 1877, he and his brother, Jules, moved to the United States, where they eventually found work as cinematographers, working for companies such as Edison Studios, the Biograph Company, and Fox Film Corporation. 

He was known for his use of shadows, which would become a staple of the later German expressionist film movement.[1] His two sons, Henry Cronjager Jr. and Edward Cronjager were also cinematographers, with Edward being nominated for seven Oscars. His grandson, William Cronjager (through Henry Jr.), was an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer.[2]

His memorable silent films include 1917's Crime and Punishment, Mary Pickford's 1919 hit, Daddy Long Legs, and the 1921 film, Tol'able David. His career went into decline with the advent of talking pictures, although he was one of several talented cameraman to film Howard Hughes' iconic 1930 film, Hell's Angels.[3] In an ironic twist, when he was demoted from cinematographer to cameramen on the 1934 film Kentucky Kernels, he would retire. His son Edward had been selected as the director of photography for that film.[4]

Henry Cronjager is interred at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in the Abbey of the Psalms Mausoleum in the Haven of Faith Corridor. 

(Per AFI database)[3]

Comedy and Tragedy (1909)
The Fox Hunt (1909)
A Central American Romance (1910)
The Heart of a Rose (1910)
The Judgment of the Mighty Deep (1910)
More Than His Duty (1910)
Pardners (1910)
The Princess and the Peasant (1910)
A Trip over the Rocky and Selkirk Mountains in Canada (1910)
An Unselfish Love (1910)
Lord Chumley (1914)
The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary (1914)
Crime and Punishment (1917)
The Warfare of the Flesh (1917)
The Deemster (1917)
The Caillaux Case (1918)
Moral Suicide (1918)
Why America Will Win (1918)
Three Men and a Girl (1919)
The Unpardonable Sin (1919)
Daddy-Long-Legs (1919)
Don't Ever Marry (1920)
The River's End (1920)
Just Around the Corner (1921)
The Love Light (1921)
Tol'able David (1921)
Back Home and Broke (1922)
The Seventh Day (1922)
Sonny (1922)
Fog Bound (1923)
The Purple Highway (1923)
The Confidence Man (1924)
The Great White Way (1924)
Sinners in Heaven (1924)
Three Miles Out (1924)
Unguarded Women (1924)
Clothes Make the Pirate (1925)
Fifty-Fifty (1925)
His Buddy's Wife (1925)
Corporal Kate (1926)
Old Loves and New (1926)
Fighting Love (1927)
The Heart Thief (1927)
The Road to Ruin (1928)
Linda (1929)
Hell's Angels (1930)
Party Girl (1930)
Primrose Path (1931)
Playthings of Hollywood (1931)
Ace of Aces (1933)
Myrt and Marge (1933)
No Marriage Ties (1933)
Gigolettes of Paris (1933)

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