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"News Hounds" Actress & Dancer Nita Bieber 1926-2019 Memorial Video

Nita Gale Bieber (July 18, 1926[2] – February 4, 2019[3]) was an American actress and dancer.

Professional career

In 1946, Bieber appeared in a couple of films for Columbia Pictures, most notably Rhythm and Weep with the Three Stooges. In 1947, she appeared in three more films for Columbia and also appeared in a couple of Monogram flicks, most notably as Mame in the Bowery Boys movie News Hounds. She was featured in a full-page photo on the cover of the November 28, 1949, issue of Life magazine.

The article described her 7-year contract with MGM and Nita's big dance number in the new movie musical Nancy Goes to Rio; but her dance was not included in the final release (it does, however, appear in the home video DVD version). Nita appeared in movies for MGM and Universal until 1955. She appeared as the character Sarah Higgins in Summer Stock, starring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. Bieber also worked with stars such as Tony Curtis (The Prince Who Was a Thief), Hedy Lamarr (A Lady Without Passport), and Larry Fine Rhythm and Weep). Her final movie before retiring was Kismet (1955) with Howard Keel and Vic Damone.

The Nita Bieber Dancers

Bieber was the creator of her own dance group, The Nita Bieber Dancers, which gave short performances produced in 1951-1952 for local television stations needing "filler" programming, including those for Jerry Gray (1950) and The Colgate Comedy Hour (1954; with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis). They headlined in Las Vegas (El Rancho Vegas, 1951, with Benny Goodman) and in 1952 were showcased at the Frontier Hotel.

Personal life

Bieber was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Callie Mae (Robbins) and William Carl Bieber.[2] She married Dr. Jack Wall, a dentist and an active member of the University of Southern California whom she met on a steamer in 1949. They had two children.

On February 17, 2007, there was a reunion of the women who appeared with the Three Stooges at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Burbank, California. That same day, Bieber did an interview for the Three Stooges compilation DVD produced by Sony Pictures.


Year Title Role

1946 Talk About a Lady Herself (dancer)
1946 Rhythm and Weep Hilda
1947 The Lone Wolf in Mexico Cute hotel maid
1947 Little Miss Broadway Herself Dancer
1947 Millie's Daughter Model
1947 News Hounds Mame
1950 A Lady Without Passport Cuban Dancer
1950 Summer Stock Sarah Higgins
1950 Jerry Gray and the Band of Today The Nita Bieber Dancers
1951 The Prince Who Was a Thief Cahena
1952 Don Cornell Sings Herself (dancer)
1955 Kismet Herself (dancer)


Year Title Role

1954 The Colgate Comedy Hour (episode #44) The Nita Bieber Dancers
1954 The Colgate Comedy Hour (episode #45) The Nita Bieber Dancers 


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