Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Actor Anthony Quinn's Son DROWNS in W.C. Field's Pond 1941 Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Actor Anthony Quinn and his wife Katherine De Mille, daughter of legendary film director Cecil B. De Mille, had a two and a half year old son, Christopher.  The family was living on De Mille Drive in the Laughlin Park neighborhood of the Los Feliz district. 

On the 15th (the Ides of March), Christopher went next door to comic actor W.C. Field's home. Fields kept a circular fish pond filled with his model boat collection. Christopher went to play with the boats, fell in the pond, and drowned. 

Subsequently, Fields had the boats destroyed and the pool filled in. Christoper Quinn was buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery


  1. Omg😢sad ,poor mom n dad wat happend to them is horrible, to loose your child..it breaks my heart when i read this stories,,😟

  2. I hope the nurse was fired.

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  4. being responsible for the safety of the child, she should have been charged for the youths death.

    1. That's kind of what I was thinking. At the time Christopher was Anthony & Katherine's only child. My thinking is, 1. How does a child get out of the home unnoticed to begin with AND 2. Get ALL the way to the neighbors backyard before his absence from the home is noticed? As adults, we may think it's not much to walk next door. However, it's quite different at 2 years old walking on little legs next door & around back. Of course I also wonder what piqued Christopher's interest in the 1st place to go outside & all the way to Field's house. It isn't like Christopher would have seen Mr. Fields because as the stories reported, he was out of town. I kept doors locked but at 2 years old, my son knew not to wander off. I presume the lily pond where Fields kept the toy boats was visible from an interior window of the Quinn's home.

  5. This is such a tragedy. I'm sure the parents never got over losing their first child. Children can drown in only a few of inches of water at that age. Someone in charge just wasn't watching him.