Thursday, March 17, 2016

Silent Screen Actress Marguerite Nichols Roach 1941 Calvary Cemetery

Marguerite Nichols (August 3, 1891 – March 17, 1941) was an American silent film actress. She starred in 21 films between 1915 and 1918.

Marriage and death

Nichols was married to comedy film producer Hal Roach for the last 26 years of her life. (He survived her by more than a half-century, dying at age 100 in 1992). They had two children, Hal Jr. and Margaret. She was born and died in Los Angeles, California. She died from pneumonia on March 17, 1941. She is entombed at Calvary Cemetery


The Power of Evil (1916) 
The Girl o' Dreams (1918) (as Margaret Nichols) .... Mrs. Leonard 
When Baby Forgot (1917) (as Margaret Nichols) .... Janet Watson 
Sold at Auction (1917) .... Helen 
The Power of Evil (1916) .... Laurine Manners 
The Torch Bearer (1916) (as Margaret Nichols) Youth's 
Endearing Charm (1916) (as Margaret Nichols) .... Maud Horton 
Faith's Reward (1916) 
The Strength of Donald McKenzie (1916) (as Margaret Nichols) 
The Dancer (1916) 
Dust (1916) (as Margaret Nichols) .... Mina 
The Matrimonial Martyr (1916) .... Phyllis Burnham 
Pay Dirt (1916) .... Kate Gardner 
The Oath of Hate (1916) (as Margaret Nichols) 
Jack (1916) (as Margaret Nichols) 
The Reclamation (1916) .... Edith Phelan 
The Witch of the Mountains (1916) 
Little Mary Sunshine (1916) .... Sylvia Sanford 
Big Brother (1916) 
Counsel for the Defense (1915) 

The Maid of the Wild (1915) 

Beulah (1915) 
The Quality of Forgiveness (1915)

Stan Laurel, Marguerite Nichols Roach, Oliver Hardy, Thelma Todd

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