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Tennis Player Marion Jones Farquhar 1965 Westwood Village Cemetery

Marion Jones Farquhar (November 2, 1879 – March 14, 1965) was an American tennis player. She won the women's singles titles at the 1899 and 1902 U.S. Championships.[1][2] She was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2006.[3]


Jones was the daughter of Nevada Senator John Percival Jones, co-founder of the town of Santa Monica, and Georgina Frances Sullivan.

Marion Jones was the first Californian to reach the finals at the women’s U.S. Tennis Championships in 1898. She won the U.S. women’s tennis title in 1899 and 1902, and the U.S. mixed doubles title in 1901. At the 1900 Summer Olympics, she was the first American woman to win an Olympic medal.[4] Her sister, Georgina also competed in the 1900 Olympic tennis events. In 1900, Marion Jones was the first non-British woman to play at Wimbledon.

She married architect Robert D. Farquhar in New York City, in 1903. They had three children: David Farquhar (1904 – ), John Percival Farquhar (1912 – ) and Colin Farquhar (1913 – ). From 1920 until 1961, Marion Jones Farquhar lived in Greenwich Village, where she was well known as a violinist and voice coach. She also translated opera librettos and for a short time was head of the New York Chamber Opera.[5] In 1961 she moved back to Los Angeles, where she lived until her death.[1]

Marion Jones Farquhar and her son David are interred at Westwood Village Cemetery in the Sanctuary of Love (on the same wall as Dean Martin). 


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