Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Yesterday's Hero" Producer & Businessman Oscar Lerman 1992 Westwood Village Cemetery

Oscar Lerman (September 7, 1919 - March 2, 1992) was an art gallery and nightclub owner. In 1965, Oscar Lerman married author Jackie Collins, the sister of actress Joan Collins. They had two daughters, Tiffany and Rory, together. Lerman adopted Collins' daughter, Tracy, from her previous marriage.

Additionally, Oscar worked on four screen adaptations of Jackie Collins' novels. He was producer on THE WORLD IS FULL OF MARRIED MEN (1979) and YESTERDAY'S HERO (1979). 

He was executive producer on THE STUD (1978) and THE BITCH (1979).

Lerman died in 1992 from prostrate cancer. He was originally buried at Westwood Village Cemetery on the lawn next to Eve Arden and her husband Brooks West. 

Following the death of Jackie Collins on September 19, 2015, his remains were removed from the plot and interred with hers into a crypt (the former Peter Lawford crypt) next to Truman Capote and Heather O'Rourke.

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