Monday, December 19, 2016

Oilar Family Murders in Pasadena 1954 Westminster Cemetery

Prior to Christmas 1954, husband and father Harold Randolph Oilar killed his wife, Grace Whitlock Oilar, and their children, Raymond, Janet Elizabeth, and Martha. He attempted to kill himself with gas, but failed. He was found guilty of the four murders and sentenced to death. However, while on death row, he hanged himself. He was buried with his family at Westminster Cemetery

Oilar Family home and murder location in Pasadena. 

Harold Randolph Oilar 
3/4/1915 - 3/14/1955 

Grace Whitlock Oilar 
3/21/1915 - 12/19/1954 

Raymond Oilar 
7/18/1942 - 12/19/1954 

Janet Elizabeth Oilar 
4/27/1944 - 12/19/1954 

Martha Oilar 
7/24/1947 - 12/19/1954

Westminster Memorial Park
Westminster, California


  1. I have a book from his personal library inscribed by his wife.

  2. I lived at 555 Ave 64 from 1964 to 1972 always hated that house.